Top 10 Reasons to Start Plogging Everyday

1. Exercise

Walk, jog or run to get fit. Bend, stoop and reach to pick up litter.

2. Clean

Beautify your surroundings. Clean neighborhoods, paths and parks make people happy.

3. Nature

Unplug from technology. Go outside, and clear your head. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

4. Social

Great activity for friends and family, sports teams and coworkers, kids and retirees, too.

5. Plants & Animals

Birds and other wildlife can choke or get tangled on plastics. Plants by the roadside get buried and poisoned by packaging.

6. For Your Neighbor

Go plogging when you can. That way the grounds look good for everyone.

7. Art

Be creative with your findings. Repurpose those scraps into imaginative artwork.

8. Water

Microplastics break down into our soil and streams, in the rain, and eventually in our drinking water. It’s a human health issue, too.

9. Someone has to do it!

That means YOU!

10. Inspire Change

Spread the word and set an example by plogging. If we work together, we can keep the mess to a minimum.